Kesh wasn’t pregnant. We were sure. You know when you buy the pregnancy test just because. Just because you think, well, we better check – for the seventh time (or something like that). Just like Roo, the test we took just to rule it out was the one that came up positive. We were in a little apartment in Glasgow when those magical lines appeared. Kesh had jumped the gun and proclaimed another month of unsuccessful baby making when that movie scene moment happened. She squinted her eyes, pulled the test right up to her face and said ‘Is that another line?’.

It was and in disbelief, we hugged in the main bedroom before it was quickly decided that I definitely needed to drive to the shops to buy another pregnancy test. We needed additional proof. Within minutes, I was the guy asking for help to find the pregnancy tests with a credit card that wouldn’t work. I’m very cool.

Eventually, I made it back and it was assured. We were pregnant.



Road Trips

She squinted her eyes, pulled the test right up to her face and said ‘Is that another line?’ Kesh

Our lives are completely crazy at the moment. After selling our home and travelling Europe for three months, we returned home to Australia to shoot weddings and families that were booked prior to our plans. We’ve also partnered with Škoda, which is an incredible opportunity for me (and us). Basically, instead of flying to my interstate jobs, we’re driving across Australia, showcasing the Yeti in some of our home country’s most beautiful landscapes.

We just got home from a pretty incredible drive that I’m hoping to share more about this week. We drove from the Central Coast of NSW to Sydney for Keshy’s 12 week scan and then straight onto Jindabyne, Perisher, down to Lakes Entrance and then to the Yarra Valley in Victoria where I shot a wedding photographer’s wedding.





Looking Forward

In less than two days, we’ll be road tripping to Brisbane and stopping along the way, hunting down the beautiful coastlines of NSW in our Yeti. If you see us out there on the road, make sure you give us a wave. I’m the lucky guy in the front seat with the goofy grin and ridiculously good looking (pregnant) wife.