13 August 2013 · Tim Coulson


On a farm in the sky, my heart connected with a family bound tight together.

Something I always try to understand is the underlying reason for me being here – with a camera in my hand. It’s one thing to get a booking, show up and shoot it, and another to understand my purpose and the motivation for the enquiry in the first place.

I shifted gears in the Defender and climbed steeper into the mountains and closer to understanding my purpose with Alice, Ed and their boys.

What I learned within minutes was that Alice and Ed had both been through events in the past months that reminded them just how important their family is. Ed’s father had suffered a major heart attack and Sandy, Alice and Ed’s beautiful boy (and big brother to Cristo) had contracted a rare virus. So rare that there are less than ten cases of it in Australia. Ed had only recently returned from overseas, visiting his sick father and Sandy had only just been released from hospital, after some moments too scary for me to type out.

I couldn’t help but think of Roo. And now, as I type this, I’m thinking of my Dad. His father, my Pop, died almost twenty seven years ago – from a heart attack. I was one. All I know about him has been spoken to me by my Dad and my Nan. I wish he was still here.

Family photos are the real deal because of what family is. I am so grateful to Alice and Ed for asking me to step into their lives, for sharing so openly and for the lessons they taught me.

  • http://shadybaker.blogspot.com.au Jane @ Shady Baker

    Stunning as always Tim. I am so pleased I found you again…I lost you for a little while when your blog moved :)

  • thalea

    how do I get emotional every time I look through one of your posts?
    also….BIG SKY LOVE.

  • http://naniannette.fi Nani


    You have the talent of capturing the one tiny moment in time perfectly.

    Just lovely.

  • Kristy

    Gosh Tim! Just gosh…

  • http://pinklemonadestand2.blogspot.com Catherine Marsh


  • http://www.onecrazylove.com charity

    Very pretty pictures! I love the photo of the mom and son in front of the fire place.

  • Kerrin

    Love your photos. Always excited for new entry. I love reading what you wrote as it is always so meaningful and nice. I’m just wondering how many lens do you use? Do you change them btw the shoot? I like how your photos consist a mix of close up and wide view photos. I own a micro four third camera, new user, first time able to change lenses. I have a kit len and 45mm prime. I am wondering if it is because dslr have greater zoom range. Cause for my case, I do feel the need to change btw lens, esp when using the fixed zoom lens, which I find it troublesome and “too late” to capture specific moment. I have been admiring your works for quite a while and was rather afraid to post such queries but this set of photos got me thinking even more. Or do you work with two cameras maybe?

  • http://www.keelanchristopher.com Keelan Parish

    Beautiful everything…


    As a young, fully self-taught, starting-out photographer, I find so much inspiration in your work Tim. Not only in the rare, organic nature of your photos, but in the way you treat your work! I don’t think of you as a photographer. I think of you as a man, literally understanding people’s lives and simply, so beautifully, picking up a camera and capturing that connection people have. That’s what I aspire to be like. So thank you. And even though I’m rocking the single life at the moment (haha), I already know who I’ll be contacting for my family photos.. whenever that time comes!

  • http://www.aricagrafton.com arica grafton

    Beautiful story… Your heart is evident through these beautiful images.

  • http://www.mephotographia.com Monika Eisenbart


  • http://mcarthurverandah.blogspot.com.au Ainsley

    Just beautiful Tim! Amazing how your photography captures the feeling……

  • http://lookseebynaomifenton.blogspot.com/ look see.

    Absolutely stunning as always Tim – my oh my what a beautiful location as well!

  • Kerrin

    True to what Holly said, I feel you inspire me greatly. Thank you so much :) !

  • http://www.roseannbathphoto.com/portfolio Roseann

    Once again, heartbreakingly beautiful, Tim. I am in awe of your ability to capture emotion. So inspired. Thank you for sharing!

  • http://www.oureverydaylifeinpictures.blogspot.com Kathy

    Beautifully captured photos in a beautiful place. Very inspiring family moments. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  • http://www.maxabellaloves.blogspot.com Maxabella

    I do love your wedding work, Tim, but when you come together with a family, well, for me that’s where the real magic happens. x

  • http://petalandplume.blogspot.ca/ petal and plume

    what brilliant and gorgeous captures!