I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to make it to Beck and Ben’s wedding. In October, last year, we had some serious bush fires. The RFS had been closing roads and I was pretty sure my route to Paperbark Camp would be cut. Thankfully, I made it through.

The day before they wed, Beck and Ben stopped by our home and told us about theirs. Beck’s an architect, who is tirelessly working on a huge development of their inner city dwelling, while Ben builds programs based around helping Sydney’s youth lead better lives. I’ve gotta be honest – I felt kinda lazy after our conversation.

Amidst the red haze and distant smell of fire, these guys committed themselves to one another in an incredible way. And it went something like this…

Beck and Ben’s wedding is also featured on Hello May. Head over to the blog to get all the details on the wedding.

Music: Fools Gold by The Middle East