We arrived late into Bergen from the Faroe Islands – a little too late. We didn’t check into our apartment until 10pm and Roo was acting out how we were feeling inside. It was cold and wet and sleep was what we all needed.

It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do.

We woke up in a city famous for it’s rain to a cloudless blue sky and a beautiful warming sun. As soon as we stepped outside our building, the atmosphere was tangible. We’re here on a festival/market weekend, which is the best kind. Give me any city with markets full of local produce and fresh baked goods, marching bands in the streets and toddlers wearing traditional dress and I’m a happy girl.



A City By The Sea

We loved the small town feel of Bergen. While it’s a city of a pretty decent size, the harbour is definitely the hub and you can’t help but be drawn to it. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I watched Roo eat a pancake from the local Rotary fundraiser, while we listened to an accordion band play in a beautiful old wooden boat.







It’s as beautiful as it looks in the postcards. Kesh

A quick walk found us on the other side of the harbour in Bryggen – the oldest and most well known part of the city. Wooden buildings lean into each other, lining the waterfront. It’s as beautiful as it looks in the postcards.

We strolled through the markets and sampled local sausages, incredibly delicious custard rolls, fresh from the oven and filled with jam. I seriously could have eaten ten but had to leave room for the famous soft is. It’s the yummiest soft serve, dipped in a topping of your choice (we picked an unexplainably tasty chocolate powder of some kind). I was grateful Roo was asleep, so we didn’t have to share.



One of our favourite things to do in Bergen is to ride the funicular to the top of Fløyen, where you’ll find the best view of the city and harbour. We were so lucky to have beautiful blue skies for a breathtaking view. Timmy really wanted to shoot the sun setting on Bergen. Sunset is something that we haven’t seen a whole lot of this trip. Northern European summers have days that are so long the sun barely goes down and it’s back up again.

After Roo was tucked in for the night, Timmy headed out to ride the funicular again and to the harbour to see the city in a light that has been eluding us.





Tomorrow we’ll pack up and move on again. We’re heading out to experience the grandeur of Norway’s fjords.

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