I guess with this trip we were pretty ambitious, even for us. 11,000km in three weeks, driving through some of America and Canada’s most beautiful national parks with a 3 year old Roo and 6 month old Zion. I kinda questioned our sanity at more than one point. Would I do it again? Honestly…I’d probably do it differently but I don’t regret these memories.

This was our second time to Canada as a family and I’m just as in love with this place as ever. Alberta has my heart. Both Banff and Waterton are places I’ll always love. The first half of these images are from Banff National Park. To be honest, you’d struggle to take a bad picture in this place. We had pretty ordinary weather this time around but I didn’t really care. Banff is amazing. We always stay at this amazing place in Canmore (just outside Banff). Makes it kinda feel like you’re at home away from home and we love it. There’s also a great Japanese place in Banff that we eat at whenever we are in town.

It was our first trip to Waterton and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a national park as cool as this place is. It’s right on the Canada/USA border and the town is really small but so good. We stayed, all four of us, in this tiny hotel room, across the road from the church. We ate at Weiners of Waterton every single day and I have no complaints.

Bear’s Hump hike was a personal fave. It’s a really intense hike (especially when carrying kids) but the view from the top was seriously amazing. We did it just before the sun went down. Normally when we travel, I just want to go to new places constantly but Waterton is somewhere I definitely want to go back to but next time in winter so I can see it all covered in snow. Very special memories here.

-Banff National Park-

-Waterton National Park-