New York is the kinda place where you need a friend. The City is real – like no other I know and she’ll swallow you whole if you’re not ready and well informed. We found our friends (and Manhattan’s finest family) in Naomi, Josh, Eleanor and Samson.

We’d meet up in different restaurants (Kesh and Naomi were kindred Shake Shack sisters), pizza places, deli’s, cafe’s and bakeries and talk about food and travel. Mostly though, we’d talk about family life.

These guys do family right because family is everything for them. They don’t even know this but Josh and Naomi influenced me and the kind of father that I want to be.

Josh has this love, focus and undivided attention for Eleanor and Samson that you just can’t break. When he’s with his family, he’s with them. When they speak, he listens – completely. He loves them. It’s something that I know undoubtedly. It wasn’t his words that told me though.

Naomi is something else. I watched as she wheeled her babes all over Manhattan, lovingly raising them to be the best kind of people. She’s beyond generous and thoughtful and she brings this aura of happiness with her.

Our time in New York was infinitely better because of this beautiful family and we are super grateful for them in our lives. Fingers crossed we’ll get to meet up in Italy, later in the year.