My Zee boy. Time is slipping through my fingers too quickly. I remember the night you were born so clearly and already you are a little man. I didn’t know what to expect of you. And I still don’t.

You make me smile. You might just be the happiest person that I know. I think it’s because you like to make everyone else happy.

Your Mum thinks you’re just like me and I guess she’s right in some ways. You do the craziest things. Right now, you love to run as fast as you can and fall over on purpose, laughing the whole time.

You also refuse to go to sleep of a night. Your brother falls asleep instantly, his big body is tired and so is mine. But you have a fire in you that doesn’t burn out. And sometimes I get angry at you and try to prove my point (which mostly doesn’t need to be proved but I hope you forgive me). Anger doesn’t work though – because you just laugh at me the whole time and then I remember, you are a happy boy. Anger doesn’t make sense to you, only happy things do. So for you and for me, for Roo and for Mum, I try to be happy. Like you.

But while I’m thinking about right now, where we are at this moment in an eternal round of moments, you do this other thing that drives me crazy. In the hours after we put you into bed, hoping you will sleep, you love to take off all of your clothes and wee all over your bed. And then you scream and laugh ‘Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mumma, weeeeeeeeeeeeee’. We tell you that it’s wrong but you just laugh, with a cheeky smile.

Thank you for coming to our home that night in Thirroul. Thank you for falling into my arms and thank you for teaching me that happiness is the best way to live. I love you, Zee bum bum.