4 January 2015 · Tim Coulson


It’s Sunday night and after a day of melting heat, the rain has arrived with a blanket of dark grey clouds and a breeze that gently cools our home and our bodies. These images take me to another place though, far from the east coast of Australia and back to the deserts of America’s west.

Just two days before we arrived in Nevada to begin our journey through Utah and Arizona, we’d spoken about the possibility of coming home. We were in Chicago and I’d just shot the wedding we were there for as we tried to figure out where to go and what to do. Our inability to make decisions led us to a point where we genuinely discussed heading home early. Almost every trip we take gets to this point, which is so strange because we all love to travel so much. I’ve found when we get past that point, we have the best times of our whole trip.

We stayed in bad hotels, ate even worse buffet breakfasts and spent hours behind the wheel most days. And I completely loved it. We’re used to planning our trips out months, weeks or at least days in advance. Not on this trip though. I remember pulling into Zion National Park, driving down the main street and walking into the hotel that looked the least bad, asking if they had any rooms. We explored these places in a new light. No schedules, no phone reception in most places and feeling a freedom that was pure joy.

Pulling over and exploring with Roo became my favourite thing to do. My little explorer, soon to be joined by another.

All of these images were shot on film with my Canon EOS 3, Kodak Portra 160 and in most cases Canon’s 24L.

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  • Sumu

    Your work is beyond exquisite, Tim. This series is so touching. Congratulations to you, Kesh and Roo on the new addition to your beautiful family.

  • Tim Coulson

    Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.

  • http://p-o-n-d-e-r-i-n-g.blogspot.com/ Acacia

    These are incredibly beautiful, Tim. You have an eye like none other for capturing beauty. What VSCO pack do you use to edit? Also loving the vibes of these images.

  • Tim Coulson

    Thanks heaps. I shot these on actual film, so no editing at all. Kodak Portra 160. 35mm. Scanned and processed by a lab here in Sydney :)

  • Gabriella

    Amazing photos, Tim! So glad this site is featuring even more of your amazing work. Happy to be following along.

  • Hannah Nicole

    love these, tim. your beautiful family is growing even closer.

  • Tim Coulson

    That’s my ultimate goal. Grow closer, happier and more in love every day. Hope you’re loving uni.

  • Tim Coulson

    Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate it.

  • ronnycakes

    Beautiful photos, Tim! I love when you post more personal stuff, and especially film photographs. Did you overexpose these or did you shoot at box speed?

  • Tim Coulson

    Thank you. Rated at normal speed but I always overexpose. It’s kinda like the only thing I know about film, overexpose, overexpose.

  • http://lifecapturedinc.com/blog Ronnie

    Love these so much, Tim. Looking forward to meeting your new bub too.
    Ronnie xo

  • Kathryn

    the color came out so exquisitely on these.
    i adore that second one of roo tucked into mom’s shoulder!

  • Niara Stitt

    You inspired me to take a trip west this spring. I love your account, and your photography. They push me to try harder on my photos. I hope to have as much of a reward experience as you and your lovely family!