When Kesh and I first met, she’d already signed up for our church to go and serve a mission. You don’t get to choose where they send you, but Canada was the place chosen for Kesh and that is a long way from here. Actually, if you go any further than the place Kesh was sent, you start coming home.

When most of us think of Canada, it’s somewhere over west like Vancouver or Banff but Kesh was sent to a place not too many people know about. First off, she lived in Wolfville, this tiny university town in Nova Scotia. Then she went to Prince Edward Island and lastly, Halifax. Ever since Kesh came home, she’s dreamt of taking us (her boys) back to these places that had such a big impact on who she has become.

We left NYC and I gotta tell you, I was happy to do so. Normally, we love New York so much and have the best time but this trip was different. Kesh was really sick, almost the whole time we were there and the boys just never got into the groove of the city. Out late, up early, so hot I can’t even explain it (summer in NYC is next level hot and humid). So when we flew out of the city and into Halifax, the openness, big skies, cooler temps and slower (much slower) pace of life was more than welcome.

We just spent the one night in Halifax and then we drove out to Prince Edward Island. This place is amazing. So freaking beautiful. The bridge across to the island is massive (13km long) and we were all pretty excited to drive over it. I can’t sing the praises of this little island enough. I would gladly go back and would love to see the red sand beaches covered in snow in the winter. We spent a lot of time in the car so that we could see as much of the island as possible. Zee didn’t love this (shocking, I know) so we played huge amounts of The Wiggles and stopped at almost every park we saw. If you do one thing on the island, drive out to Richard’s and stand in line as long as it takes to eat the lobster rolls. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

After P.E.I., we flew to a place pretty much no one has heard of, let alone visited. We went to Newfoundland, which is another island off the east coast of Canada. It’s my kinda place. Shipping containers for stores, only the most hardened locals stick around full time and nothing but the amazing ruggedness of earth’s creation. Mountains and ocean. Heaven. We also ate the most amazing poutine (Canada’s national dish) ever. In fact, we ate it most nights because there wasn’t really anything else to eat, haha.

We also stopped off in Wolfville, Kesh’s first area and had the best time just driving around, visiting the old Chinese buffet Kesh used to eat at and doing some of the fancy things she never got to do like sampling different cheeses and breads from the local vineyards.

We love Canada.

-Prince Edward Island-