On the other side of the world, I learned some big lessons. Real big ones.

1. Kesh will be there for me. Always. Even, and especially, when I don’t deserve it.

2. Roo means more to me than anything. When he got sick and we had to cancel our flights home, I didn’t care about the money. I cared about him. I wanted him to be in his own bed, sleeping under our roof. I just wanted him healthy again.

3. People are kind, all over the world. Roo made sure of that.

I shot film on this trip, almost exclusively. It’s brand new to me. Honestly, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but have lacked confidence. Kesh bought me an EOS 3 for my birthday last year and it got stolen when our home was broken into. We bit the bullet and bought another right before our trip. With no real idea what I was doing, I shot our way across Europe. I’m so glad I did. The images in this post mean more to me than if I’d shot them digitally. I shoot differently with film. I shoot more slowly. And for me, slowing down is a really good thing.

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ll notice that things have changed – and they’ll keep changing. You can still view the old blog at this link but this is where I’ll be posting from now on. Tap the play button below and take a scroll through Europe. See you guys with weddings and families from all over the world, real soon.

A big thanks to Jarred and Lisa at RDFL for making sure these images made it to the real world.