30 November 2014 · Tim Coulson


Earlier this year, we headed to Norway for the second time in two years. Last year, Roo had his first Birthday in Oslo and while we loved that little city, I felt like we missed out on what drew me to Norway in the first place.

Fresh from the Faroe Islands, we flew into Bergen before heading north to Flåm – a town so setup for tourists that I don’t think anyone would call themselves a local. You know what though, it didn’t matter. Watching the midnight summer sun set through the fjords more than made up for the ridiculously expensive dining options in town.

For the most part, we explored at our own pace with our rental car, weaving our way through the fjords. And while I was completely blown away and in awe of the things we saw here, I know in our two trips we haven’t even scratched the surface of what Norway has to offer.

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If you’ve been to Norway, I’d love to know where you’ve been, what you’ve done and where I need to see next time. If you’ve got any questions about our time in Norway, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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  • Tahnee

    Woah. Just WOAH! So, so beautiful. And Roo in his suit!

  • Tim Coulson

    Ah, you’re too kind. Pretty incredible place though. Roo was loving his suit and the boat trip…for about half an hour, after which point he was hating it, haha.

  • http://www.fotografamos.com Pedro Cardoso

    Tim, this is gorgeous. You, Kesh, Roo. Everything.

  • Amy

    Hi Tim, absolutely beautiful! I am planning a trip with my boyfriend and a couple of friends in May next year. Where would you suggest to stay? We are hoping to do a little hiking, the location you’ve photographed looks incredible.

    Love your work by the way. Also from Australia, living in London now and have been following your families adventures for awhile. Your family is gorgeous and your photographs are always so inspiring!


  • Tim Coulson

    Much appreciated, Pedro. Thank you.

  • Tim Coulson

    So you guys will have warmer weather as well. We had beautiful sunny days the whole time we were in Norway, even when we were in Bergen, which is apparently super rare as it’s one of the rainiest places on earth.

    In terms of seeing the fjords, you’ve got a few option. We decided to head up to Flåm becuase it was a little closer to Bergen and it has a heap on offer. Like I said, the town itself is completely setup for tourists and as a result, it’s expensive – but everything is in Norway. Plenty of hiking and trails on offer as well.

    We just stayed in a placed booked on Expedia because we couldn’t find anything on airbnb.
    Really grateful for your kind words :)

  • Audrey

    Visited family in Norway this summer; Preikestolen (just outside of Stavanger) was incredible. Very tourist-y depending on the time of day you go, but the top is unbelievable, surreal. I was a little scared of the height (as a twenty four year old) but plenty of people had little kids with, and my cousins have been trekking up there since they could walk. The beaches around Stavanger were also beautiful, some good surfing there if you’re interested.

    If you end up going back to Bergen, this would be something cool to check out: http://tubakuba.tumblr.com/
    Designed by students of the architecture school in the city, it looks out over the entire bay from the top of Fløyen (secluded away from the park at the top of the peak). We couldn’t go inside, but the view alone is worth a look. (I think they planned to have it open to stay overnight soon.)

    I totally understand what you mean about feeling like you haven’t even scratched the surface–we’re already planning a trip back next summer.

  • Jana W

    Those views. Seriously “Wow” Tim!

  • Tim Coulson

    Yeah, they were pretty incredible to witness first hand!

  • Tim Coulson

    Thanks heaps for those tips. I’ve heard a lot about Stavanger and completely agree that Norway is a place that you need to allow a lot of time for. There’s so much to see and do in a place like that.

  • Tim Coulson

    Really appreciate that. And yep, the views were insane. Gotta get back over there.

  • Kathryn

    i look up to you and kesh in so many ways, tim. as photographers, as parents, and really just as light-filled human beings. these photos are simply beautiful! thanks for giving us a peek into your family travels.

  • Tim Coulson

    They are some seriously kind words and I’m incredibly grateful for them.

    I used to share our travels all the time, little insights into our life and I’m only just getting back into it :)

  • Kathryn

    you’re mightily welcome. do keep these posts coming! i can only hope our paths will cross one day :)

  • Eric Ronald

    So beautiful. I want to go there now.

  • Gabriella

    Love the fact that you’re bringing back more personal posts! I enjoy these so much. Do you find that you’re shifting your photography more towards scenery/landscape? Your IG photos are seriously amazing, but I’ve noticed less photos of Kesh/Roo. Maybe that’s just because you have so many beautiful photos to share of your travels ;) Keep up the great work, Tim!

  • Tim Coulson

    Thank you. Yeah, I’m trying to get a few more personal posts up that I’ve had sitting here – just needed a little bit of free time to get them online.

    Definitely posting more landscapes lately as that’s what I’m passionate about shooting. Not that I’m not passionate about shooting with Kesh and Roo – I’m just keeping most of that to be shared here on the blog. Still trying to keep a bit of a mix going on Instagram though.

  • Gabriella

    No matter what you post – I’ll be following along your adventures ;)

  • Tim Coulson

    Yeah, mate. You would love it. I feel like I actually did a really average job of shooting in Norway. Need a third chance at the place…

  • Dominique Felicity

    Awww, this is just lovely! The picture of Roo in his safety gear is so adorable!