24 November 2014 · Tim Coulson


The last time I went to Bali, I think I was 16. I went with my family and we stayed at Club Med. It was awesome for me – mainly due to the fact that every single meal was a buffet and there were fries at every sitting, including breakfast.

Since then though, I’ve become wary of Bali. As an Australian, we’ve kinda given the place a bad name. But I think that’s more reflective on a select group and not at all on the island itself.

We stayed in Canggu in a villa not really close to much. We grabbed a scooter and the three and a half of us explored our little pocket of Bali. Roo would hold my hands on the handlebars, sitting between my legs and Keshy sat behind us, holding me tightly at first and after a few days, not holding me at all.

To say we fell for Bali is an understatement. Our preconceived notions made certain that we fell harder and deeper than we could have imagined. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy Bali. After a week, the thought of going home was one I didn’t want to consider.

We’re thinking about celebrating the birth of our second with a baby-moon back on these beautiful shores. Fingers crossed we make it happen.

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I also just wanted to shine the spotlight on our buddies at Bohemian Traders and Assembly Label for so kindly hooking Keshy (and me) up with the clothing pictured. You guys are awesome.

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    what happened to your afield blog?

  • Tim Coulson

    We decided to take things back to how they used to be and share our personal posts here on timcoulson.com

  • Lena

    Amazing photographs, as always. And a different side of Bali, almost as in Eat. Pray. Love but with a family :) I haven’t been to Bali yet, but saw a bit of series about Bali here in Australia, that really put us off travelling there…

  • Tim Coulson

    Thank you so much. You know, this is what Bali is really like. There are only a few places in Bali that aren’t beautiful. It’s just unfortunate that’s where most people tend to go. If you steer clear of Kuta and the other major tourist areas, you’ll have an awesome time. We felt safe (completely) and we honestly can’t wait to go back.

  • Tim Coulson

    You’re welcome here any time. Thanks so much for your kind words. Really appreciate them.

  • kristy

    I had a very similar experience recently Tim, with my first trip to Bali. It was a place that had never been on my list but now I can’t stop thinking about going back. Such a family friendly place where I felt so comfortable with my niece and nephews, such lovely people and excellent food. And amongst the chaos, there’s such a real beauty in the place.

    I never thought I would like it, but to say I fell for Bali is an understatement too :)

  • Tim Coulson

    I’m with you on that. It seriously is setup for families, I feel.

    We’re definitely in love with the place and are hoping to be back in 2015. It’s so close and in terms of international holidays from Australia – super affordable.

    Someone needs to get me on the Bali Tourism board, haha. Just listen to me.

  • Annie

    Kesh is so stunning. She’s the kind of girl you see in movies and read about in books. And sweet Roo, what wonderful experiences and memories you are giving him. You guys are the most rad parents.

  • Tim Coulson

    Far out. They are some big and very kind words, right there. Thank you. I’m trying to be an awesome Dad. I have one and I want Roo to have one as well.

  • kristy

    I’ll join you on that board Tim :)