Even though it was Summer, the air was cold and it was raining pretty good. On the shores of Dartmouth, I stood, waiting for the ferry to take me the few hundred metres I needed to go to be with Heloise and Fri for their preparations.

A kind man saw me waiting and must have felt sorry for me. “I’m heading over in my little boat. You can catch a ride with me, if you like”. His boat was made of rubber and was hardly big enough for the two of us but I was grateful. He left me on the wharf in Dartmouth before heading upstream to clean his very large and made out of fibreglass boat.

I always hoped I’d get here. To this point – standing in some place I’d never been with my camera bag on my back and nothing else. Thankfully, for my dreams sake, there have been a few incredible people who have believed in me enough to invite me across the shores to fulfil my hopes and dreams. Heloise and Fri are two of these people.

You won’t find a soul more kind than Heloise. In the lead up to a day that was for her, the concern she held for me and my little travelling family was something I felt to my core. The day before the wedding, I walked the grounds of the venue with Heloise, Kesh and Roo, and felt comfortable. Properly at ease and as though I was with friends. And I guess I kinda was. A few years ago, in Sydney, I shot Yeemun’s wedding – Heloise’s sister. Some of the guests were blown away that I was here in England to shoot Heloise’s wedding as well.

I felt the same way with Fri. Over the last couple of years, we’ve spoken a fair bit. Fri’s into photography. It’s his passion, so we’ve had a bit to talk about.

There’s a few images to scroll through but this was a real special day. H & F – seriously guys, thank you so much for your friendship and the opportunity.