It was the day before the wedding and Kesh and I had left behind a moody San Francisco with it’s foggy, cool days just a few hours earlier. Roo and Zion slept on and off most of the way down to Santa Cruz as we started to twist our way through the redwoods and increasingly became aware of the beauty and grandeur we were surrounded by.

I found Eric, who was doing many things around the property and he made me feel like I was welcome – immediately. Kylin, too. There was a tangible warmth about them, some kind of instinctual attraction to people who you just knew were the best kind.

It was just over a year prior that Kylin emailed me and spoke of how her life and Eric’s life had come together. She’s from Santa Cruz and he’s from Indianapolis but a college gardening club can overcome great things and they’ve not been apart since.

And then the next day, nestled high atop the mountains just outside Santa Cruz and protected by the tallest redwoods I’ve ever seen, they were married. It was the best kind of day and I’m so grateful for the new experience of shooting a Quaker ceremony. Truly a holy and spiritual thing where all guests have the opportunity to share their truth. To hear honest words of love and learning on the forest floor was something I’ll never forget.