8 January 2015 · Tim Coulson


I grew up on the beaches, north of Sydney and crave saltwater on a daily basis. There’s something about the mountains though, that stirs my soul in the realest of ways. There’s something spoken to me in the valleys and lakes, on the peaks and in the trees that resonates with all of me. Alberta was a place I was planning to return to before I’d even left.

It probably has something to do with Layla and Trent, as much, if not more than the mountains. Kesh (my wife) lived with Layla when she first moved to Canada and they developed a bond stronger than most. It was Layla who was there when I called Kesh and asked her to come back to Australia and marry me, and it was Layla who gave Kesh the strength she needed when those plans fell through, almost as quickly as they were made.

Our explorations of Banff, Lake Louise and some of the incredible surrounds, quickly turned into an e-session for Layla and Trent. And now we’re patiently waiting on their engagement so that we’ve got an excuse to visit them and their beautiful home again.

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  • Lisa Hayman

    I adore these, Tim! What an incredible backdrop!

  • Tim Coulson

    Thank you. Yeah, probably the most incredible backdrop you could ask for.

  • http://www.little-moments.com.au/ Lecinda

    Woooww, what an amazing location and with such beautiful people =) simply breathtaking.

  • http://p-o-n-d-e-r-i-n-g.blogspot.com/ Acacia

    One of the best things I’ve seen all week. Thank you for sharing! x

  • Tim Coulson

    You’re too kind.

  • http://www.lookseebynaomifenton.com/blog Naomi Fenton

    Stunning. I love the ones in the forest in particular. :)

  • Tim Coulson

    Thank you. Canada was insanely beautiful.