26 April 2016 · Tim Coulson


It was a phone call we’d been waiting on for what felt like forever.

Back in 2008, Kesh and I met just four weeks before she would fly to Canada. She’d live and work for 12 months about as far away from Sydney as you can travel before you’ve gone so far, you start heading back home. And I’m assuming that most of you know the rest of our story. What you might not know though, is that when Kesh arrived in Canada, she was met by Layla.

Together, they explored and taught their way across some of Canada’s most beautiful places. Kesh hadn’t been gone more than a few months when I realised:

1. I was more in love than I’d ever been.
2. I never wanted to be without her again.
3. I wanted to marry her – ASAP.

Layla was there in the apartment with Kesh when I called and told her these things. She was there for the happiness and excitement that we were both feeling. But, even more importantly, Layla was there for Kesh when I called again a couple of weeks later and told her that she should stay and finish what she was there to do. There were pressures and opinions that had swayed me and I know I hurt Kesh then. She was already making flight and wedding plans. Not my finest moment. We got there, in the end.

Layla came to visit us in Australia in 2009 and was even there when I proposed to Kesh (again). I loved Layla instantly and knew why Kesh and her got along so well. She’s kind and happy and being around her is fun in the truest sense of the word.

She’s kind and happy and being around her is fun in the truest sense of the word.

We stayed in contact and then in 2014 we finally made it to Canada. We spent a magical couple of days in Banff (where I took these photos of Layla and Trent). They thought we were crazy because we were wanting it to start snowing so badly and they didn’t want the snow to come (Canadians generally don’t like the snow because they have so much of it). We’d been hearing about Trent for a few months before our arrival and I remember speaking to Kesh, wishing Trent to be a great guy because Layla deserved that so much. We drove Icefields Parkway together, Roo sleeping in the back next to Trent and Layla. We had some of the best D&M’s I can remember and felt that Trent was more than a great guy.

Canada Bound

We had to wait longer than we were hoping but in 2015, Layla called with the best news ever. Trent had asked her to marry him. We flew from Sydney to Seattle and drove north into British Columbia to a little town by a beautiful lake called Kelowna. I’ve shot a lot of weddings in a lot of places, near and far, but I was really grateful I had the opportunity to be there for this one.

We can’t wait to see you guys again :)

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