17 November 2015 · Tim Coulson


Shooting weddings is such a huge privilege – to be trusted with capturing images that will encapsulate the most important day of someone’s life and in turn, hang on their walls for decades to come is no small thing. There’s always pressure…but when I shoot a friend’s wedding, there’s just that little bit more.

We’ve been friends with McKenzie for years and our friendship with Joe has grown throughout that time as well. McKenzie went to COFA just after Kesh did and ended up doing the same degree and major (Fine Arts and Printmaking), which is incredibly rare. Kesh and I are really drawn to Joe and Mckenzie and as clichéd as it sounds, there’s just something about them that pulls you in. Since their wedding, these guys have become our go to house sitters. They love the South Coast and we love having them in our home. The last time we came back Joe and Mckenzie had both worked together on drawing a beautiful portrait of Roo that’s framed in his room.

I started to write the story of Joe and McKenzie when I realised I was a little dusty on some of the finer details. I shot Mckenzie and you know what? McKenzie’s words are so much better than mine were.

“Joe and I have a history of road trips. The first was to Queensland in the middle of the night, four of Joe’s friends and me. Two weeks later he invited me on another trip to Melbourne with a few friends. I remember him carrying groceries and opening car doors and always making sure that I was okay. As the trips continued and we started spending more time together he became my best friend. I remember one particular trip to Adelaide where I travelled down with a group of our friends and Joe arrived a day later. That was the first time I remember missing him, really truly missing him. By that point we were incredibly close but I still only thought of him as a friend.

I clearly remember the night he told me he wanted to take me on a date. We were at a friends place in Sydney for the weekend. He came and sat on the guest room bed where I was sleeping and told me how wonderful he thought I was. In response I told him that I was terrified. I always looked up to and admired him, a lot. He seemed to have life figured out and that scared me because I didn’t. I was in my final year of a Fine Arts degree with no real plans for what I would do next. It was with two mutual friends who were trying to convince me that I needed Joe in my life as more than a friend. I knew that, I was just afraid of it. I’m not sure if I can tell you how I knew I would marry him because I don’t know. I suppose I just knew he was different. I knew that he would look after me, like he always had.

I have wanted to be a wife and a mother for as long as I can remember but when the opportunity presented itself I wasn’t sure if I was ready.

I recall a conversation I had with my Dad between the time that Joe asked me on a date and the time I said yes. I told Dad how I felt and what I was afraid of and asked for his advice, which was ‘go for it’. I took his advice and couldn’t be more thankful that I did.”

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  • Tristan Cardew

    Love this, Tim. Such a great combination of photos and moments.

  • http://shadybaker.blogspot.com.au/ Jane @ Shady Baker

    Tim…I am a total sucker for any wedding and this one is completely gorgeous. But, your photography is even more inspiring. I could just take photos all day and I often think of the few hours I spent with you at the Nursery in Adelaide all those years ago. My family and I went camping on the weekend and as the sun rose on Sunday morning I found myself with my camera in my swag waiting for the sun to rise to I could catch that pretty light. It is so addictive…I cannot explain it but I am sure you understand.

  • http://shadybaker.blogspot.com.au/ Jane @ Shady Baker

    PS I love the food photography happening here!