Flying over the Faroe Islands for the first time is something I’ll never forget. My mind struggled to process the information being recorded by my eyes. Our plane made a final turn for approach and in full view was a landscape beyond my comprehension. Beautiful beyond what I’d previously known.

I’m typing from an arm chair, inside our 100 year old black cottage in a village of 70 people (not that I’ve seen more than five of them). Heaters are running in every room, Roo is sleeping in his own bed in his own bedroom (a huge deal), fog is laying a soft white blanket over the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains are shifting from the brightest of greens to the softest of whites.



Rent a Car

The only way to explore the islands is with a car. While buses run most places, the freedom I feel on the roads here is beyond what I’ve felt anywhere else. On our first night here, I couldn’t sleep. With Kesh and Roo bundled up inside the cottage, I set out for what would become the best drive of my life.







You will want to take photos. And you’ll want to do it more than you ever have. Tim

It was late when I left. Late for a Dad of a two year old, anyway. At 9:30pm I set out and immediately my heart started to beat faster. For me, what I saw is what I’ve always wanted to see; the untouched beauty of this place is inspiring. If you’re a musician, you’ll want to play music. If you’re a writer, you’ll want to write. If you’re a photographer, like I am, you will want to take photos. And you’ll want to do it more than you ever have.

I must have stopped more than 50 times in my two and a half hours of driving. I could have stopped my car anywhere, at anytime and found something amazing to shoot.

Sometimes though, I’d lift my camera to my eye and realise that I just couldn’t do justice to what I was seeing. At these times, I simply stood and breathed in the approaching midnight air.





I don’t even know how Kesh found this place, let alone how we actually ended up here, midway between Norway and Iceland. I’m thankful to have made it though. It’s good for the soul here.