There’s some things I can’t tell you about the places I’ve been. There’s some things I can’t show you with my photos. And that’s why we travel, to experience the things only we can.

Monument Valley wasn’t really what I expected. It’s hard to explain but I feel like I didn’t connect with this amazing place in the way I wanted/needed to. It had been on my bucket list since forever but there was something missing on this trip. Maybe it was all the driving in the lead up, the storm on the way in, Zion breaking a glass on Roo’s head as soon as we checked into our hotel or maybe…just maybe, it was me. While that deep rooted connection I was hoping for didn’t eventuate, I cannot deny the mind blowing beauty of this place. I think I need to go back because my desire to visit is as strong as ever.

Zion National Park is my happy place. It’s my favourite place in the whole world. Honestly. There’s no place I like to be more than Zion. You cannot understand or comprehend the majesty of this land until you immerse yourself in its walls. I will never grow tired of this place and with each visit, I continue to be grateful we named our boy after something so special.

Joshua Tree was something completely different. I didn’t really know what to expect and after a crazy drive through the Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree was a place I struggled to comprehend. It is other worldly but you’ve heard that before. The heat was intense and bordering on unbearable any time after lunch. It was like being starved of oxygen. We hiked super early in the day and made the most of the afternoon by driving around with the air conditioning on. Nights were capped off with Panda Express and swims in our 60 year old pool at the hotel we’d booked. Probably the dodgiest place we’ve ever stayed, haha.

And Disneyland. What can I say? Kesh’s heaven on earth. Roo and Zion’s favourite part of the trip and somewhere I’m grateful to have been. Thank you Charlotte for making this part of our trip so amazing. We love you.