We were super pumped to get to fly to Wellington so that I could shoot a wedding there. We’d never been and we loved this little city so much. I feel like it is massively underrated. We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb with amazing views out over the water. It was freezing and crazy, crazy windy but we embraced it. We took the boys out to the night markets and had THE BEST FRY BREAD of our lives. I have never eaten anything that good.

Once the wedding was shot, we headed up to Tongariro National Park (the main road was flooded out but we didn’t find out until we’d drive the wrong way for over an hour). What an insanely beautiful place this is. Absolutely magical. We had a great house to stay in that looked straight up at the main mountain and I was in my element. Nothing in town to speak of – one tiny shop and that was about it but the landscapes here were some of my favourites. I took Roo tobogganing and as usual we were very under prepared. I was on the mountain in my jeans! Roo had a blast though. He loved it so much.

We headed up to Taupo next and Roo got crazy sick. We had him at the doctor a bunch of times but he was so bad that we pulled the pin on the rest of our trip and came home about a week early.


-Tongariro National Park-