NYC is Kesh’s number one city in the world. When we spoke about coming here for the first time, she was so nervous. I am a wide open spaces kinda a guy. I’m a no crowds kinda guy so you can see her reasoning here. Anyway, long story short, I loved it and this was our third trip back to the big city. This one was a little different though because Kesh turned 29 while we were there. We did as many of her favourite things as possible. We played at the park with the kids, we had Rice to Riches, we went shopping at the stores she loves the most, ate Pomodoro’s Pizza, had dinner from a place that specialises in cheese dishes and her birthday cake was made from three Magnolia Bakery banana puddings. We also hung out with two sets of our friends who live in NYC. Awesome day.

Unfortunately every day after her birthday, Kesh was sick. We still made the most of it though and just had to swap out a few Shake Shack meals for Sweetgreen, which our bodies thanked us for.