24 April 2014 · Tim Coulson


It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to shoot with a family. I’ve properly been missing it lately and was super grateful for the opportunity to head to Melbourne to shoot with Amy, Nathan and Evie. I seriously wished that I had Kesh and Roo with me. They would have loved these guys.

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  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Sunny
  • Keelan


  • http://www.roseannbathphoto.com Roseann

    Absolutely beautiful, Tim. I love your family sessions so very much. I’m trying to determine if this takes place in the morning or evening? Such lovely light and what a gorgeous setting. Makes me want to get on a plane! Thanks for the inspiration. xxx

  • Rhiannon

    It must feel pretty great when you get to photography another photographer!

  • http://sandldays.blogspot.com Lauren

    SUCH a beautiful family!! Love these pictures :)

  • http://hannahrosebeasley.com/blog Hannah Rose Beasley

    Such stunning photos!! Wow. What a beautiful session and family!

  • http://www.shotbymel.virb.com Melanie Pogson

    Oh wow, that fourth image, Tim. Stunning!

  • Rachael

    Love love love! Just wondering where abouts in Melbourne this is? Would LOVE to explore these trees!

  • http://www.deusphotography.com Matthew Osborne

    Great work! ..and your editing is beautiful Tim.

  • http://imsarahgrace.blogspot.com Sarah

    Wow! I love love LOVE your photography! So inspiring!


  • Jake

    Wow! Where is this?! So gorgeous.

  • http://bradtownsendphotography.com Brad

    Lovely work Tim. Cant wait for your next post!

  • http://www.lifeinanalogue.com Lola

    Beautiful. I started shooting film when I was thirteen and still primarily use my old film cameras but you are the first photographer that has made me consider buying a digital camera. Stunning images that have depth, meaning and candidness.

  • http://melnoonancreative.com.au/about/ Mel

    LOVE these pics Tim! The colours the Olivers are wearing really pop with the green of the surrounds. Where is the location please? Keep up the fab work :) Mel