We were in town so that I could shoot a massive wedding in Cairns but like always, we decided to spend extra time travelling around as a family. This was the first time we booked a camper van and it didn’t go well. I crack up just thinking about it. I ran about 5km from out hotel to get the camper and we piled all our gear in (we were staying at a fancy hotel and this camper was massive so it was pretty funny just trying to park at the lobby). We knew pretty much instantly that this wasn’t going to go well but persisted with it. We drove through the rainforest and mountains and with every tiny bump, it felt like we were in an earthquake with cutlery and crockery threatening to break into a million pieces. It was seriously deafening. The boys hated it as well – they couldn’t see out the windows and we ended up pulling into a caravan park for the night and booking a cabin! We tried to see if the boys would sleep in the camper but it just wasn’t going to happen.

We were defeated and the next morning I did the four hour round trip with Roo to go and get a rental car. The rest of the trip was actually pretty tough. Zee just wasn’t travelling as well as we are used to but we got our groove and ended up staying at the QT Port Douglas, where I shot a few things for them in exchange for a cheap and very fancy room (well, very fancy compared to what we’d been staying in).