I’ve been doing this a little while now. Coming up to three years – shooting weddings. I don’t stress on the weather. Well, not anymore, anyway. In the beginning, I’d ride the weekend weather reports constantly. I realised pretty quickly that I couldn’t do anything to change what came so I let go of the stress and worked with what came on the day.

And after shooting more than one hundred weddings, I’d never had one that didn’t work out photographically because of the weather. You can always make something happen and to be honest, you always get a break in the weather. Except for that one time with Sam and Josh…

It poured all day. All day. I know you can’t see it in every frame but it is raining in every shot I took. And it didn’t bother Sam or Josh one bit. Seriously, it didn’t. They adopted a mantra of surrender to the day and all it brought. It was incredible to me. Add to that, these two are some of the most genuinely happy and in love people I’ve ever met and the result was an explosion of love in a teepee on a farm by the ocean.

04 Woods

Music: Woods by Bon Iver