To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what happened. I know that a lot of things did but how I became someone who stopped blogging, I’m not certain of.

I think maybe it was Instagram that did it. And the business. And Roo.

Instagram’s so easy, you know. You shoot it on something in your pocket, you share it and that’s the end. I love Instagram and almost everything about it. The only thing I don’t love is how often I check, and refresh.

The business went mental. I went from some nobody with a dream fuelled by passion to shooting stuff for people all over the world. Published on the covers of magazines and in their fancy pages. I went from shooting my own family get togethers to families in New York and Italy. I got busy.

And Roo. My boy, Roo. Man. I got him, too. I remember when I first started this whole photography thing, it was him who made me. His tiny being inside of Kesh’s belly that so many people connected with. I’ve regretted not writing of him like I did. A sentence here and there on my Instagram feed doesn’t fill that space like my blogging did. I can see the room I sat in with Kesh when we had our first scan. I remember clearly the instant his image was flashed on the screen above us. Something hit me so hard in that moment. His reality, I think. His realness. And now, he’s all arms and legs. He used to fit on my forearm and now he hangs so far, I swear he’s about to touch the ground.

He’s so big now.

Every night, before Kesh puts him to bed, he tells me that he loves me. He kisses my lips and then says ‘Wuv Woo’. And every time he gets me.

He’s Mumma’s boy though. There’s nothing I can do to change that. Even if I could, I wouldn’t. Their bond is unbreakable. It’s…

Their bond is everything.

And Kesh. Wow. That woman. She’ll always be greater than the words I write of her and the images I take of her. I know Kesh better than anyone in this whole world. And of everything I know, I don’t think I could come up with anything that isn’t good. She’s a better human than me. She’s better at life and I don’t say that for sympathetic comments – she just is. Since Roo’s birth, I’ve travelled twice without Kesh – both times to shoot weddings in Perth. Something strange happens when we aren’t together. I’m not myself. It’s like I’m less. We’ve decided that we won’t be apart again. Ever. Roo’s caught something like 70 flights in his 18 months so at least he’s used to travel.

So what do all these words mean? I don’t really know but I think it means that I’m going to write more of them. And take more photos of my family and share them with whoever is still out there in blog land. All the photos below were shot on film, over the last three or four months on my EOS 3 and Contax G2.