The second half of our 11,000km road trip took us from Waterton National Park all the way down to Moab, Utah. Straight from Waterton, we arrived into Yellowstone. While I know this place is amazing, we only spent one night here. Our first day was great – we went on an awesome hike and saw so much wildlife. Unfortunately, the next day it was super cold and raining so we bailed on our second night and started the drive to Utah.

Arches National Park in Utah is something else. We stayed in this cool Airbnb in the back of town and ended up eating at the local Pizza Hut twice just because they still do all you can eat there. After stinking hot days, hiking around in the desert, it was the best thing ever to come back into town and eat delicious pizza (and bacon bits – don’t judge). For my birthday, Kesh arranged for us to stay in these amazing glamping tents. While the concept was really cool, Roo and Zion were a little too excited/overtired to make it what we would have liked it to be, haha.

We also headed out to a few of the surrounding parks, the best of which was Dead Horse State Park. Terrible name but absolutely amazing place and we spent two days in there exploring and hiking. We’re about to head back to Utah again in a few months and I’m excited about which places we’ll explore this time around.

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